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The newest technologies always offer opportunities for business to outperform their peers and grow rapidly.

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Digital Business Analysis

The starting point of a successful digital transformation story is knowing your current position in the use of digital technologies to run your business.

In this stage, we let you know which current cloud technologies can replicate and surpass your current information technology infrastructure.

Planning and Cloud Migration

After completing the digital business analysis the next stage is to design and plan your cloud migration strategy

This stage will identify the gains of using innovative and agile solutions to drive growth. This stage will identify how cloud technologies like compute, network, storage, and data analysis outperform legacy technologies.

Transform & Modernize

In this stage you will focus on executing the cloud migration plans. Your team will be retrained and given orientation on how they can use cloud solutions to transform your business.

The results of cloud migration will be evaluated and lessons will be learned for even better solutions for your business.


Choose The Service Package
That Suits Your Needs

Digital Workstation

Web & Mobile

Great for new businesses or young startups, this package will help you build a cloud-first business

  • Website Development
  • Android & IOS Apps
  • Software Development

Starting at N1,000,000

Marketing and Strategy

Digital Marketing

This service will give your business an effective online presence. You will reach and be seen by your target audience.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing or Newsletters
  • Search Engine Marketing

Starting at N2,000,000

Cloud Innovation

Cloud Solutions

You are already an established business but you must leverage the latest and most innovative digital solutions to stay ahead

  • Cloud Compute
  • Cloud Storage
  • Analytics and Data Solutions

Starting at N2,000,000

Accelerate Business Growth To Improve Revenue Numbers

1How Can Caseray Help Your Business
At Caseray Solutions, we can help you digitalize your business and set up a system of operations that use innovative cloud solutions.
With your digital system of operations in place we can setup and train a competent team to run your business. If you like, you can outsource the management of your digital operations to us as a service.
With a digitally transformed business in place we can develop, implement and analyse online marketing campaigns for you that deliver results using the most intelligent digital marketing platforms there is. We will reach your target audience where they are online searching the web or interacting on social media.

Business Services For Companies

Caseray Solutions provides the most innovative and affordable cloud based services for businesses in Nigeria. Our Service offerings show how flexible we are to meet your budget.

Digital Business Transformation 100%
Cloud-based Solutions 80%
Online Marketing 90%
  • 1
    Web & Mobile. Our cloud-hosted websites are reliable and highly available.
  • 2
    Online Marketing. We can help you reach your target audience where they are online.
  • 3
    Cloud Computing and Networking. We can help you set up secure cloud-based computing and networking solutions.
  • 4
    Training. We can show your IT team how they can adapt to cloud technologies.
  • 5
    Cloud Storage. Back-up and store your data in a secure, reliable cloud store.
  • 6
    Data. We can help you digitalize your data and mine them for useful information that can transform your business.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for our customers.

Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish long term stability for your stakeholders

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Why go cloud?

Companies that are getting ahead are companies that are willing to utilize the most innovative solutions to execute their operations. Cloud technologies are the state of the art in Information and Communications Technologies and can be used by small and large companies.


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Our Team Of Consultants

We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the men and women who help customers meet goals and grow companies

Ugochukwu Ukwuegbu

Ugochukwu Ukwuegbu

Cloud Engineer

Chijioke Ukwuegbu

Chijioke Ukwuegbu

Business Developer

Amaka Ukwuegbu

Amaka Ukwuegbu

Human Resource

Onyinyechi Obianozie

Onyinye Obianozie

Online Marketer

We focus on business growth

We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

Our goal is to provide services that transform business growth through marketing and innovation

  • We are methodical in how we gather data and interprete it
  • We ensure that we are in tune with trends in the cloud technology industry

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